Sample Questions

Here is a link to 100 free sample questions for the PMP certification exam:

And, here is a link to 75 (plus another 175) free sample PMP questions from Oliver Lehmann:

You only need to click on the links for 75 (and additional 175) free PMP questions.

And, here is a link to another 70 sample questions (though these are easier than the real exam questions)

Are you looking for a daily dose of questions to help you prepare better for the exam? Head straight to the following URL:

Here, you will get access to a daily practice question, daily crossword puzzle, daily vocabulary review, and a daily word search puzzle.

How about a whole lot of practice questions, presented 10 at a time? You need to visit the following URL:

and click on the first tab titled 'Practice PMP Exam'. You will be presented with a set of 10 practice questions and you can re-appear in the exam any number of times.

Another site offering free sample questions in all Knowledge Areas:

Here is yet another site offering free sample questions for practice:

You only need to click on the 'Launch Quiz' button corresponding to the number of questions you want to be presented for practice. Options available include, 15, 50, 100 and full 200 questions. You may be asked to register yourself by providing your name, e-mail address and the name of your city and state.

OK, here is another site offering 340 sample questions for practice:

No registration required. Just go to the site and start attempting the sample questions.

Another set of 220 free practice questions from J. Alex Sherrer, author of 'Project Management Road Trip for the Project Management Professional' is available at the following location:

This exam is also available for download at the following location:

Make the most of it while it is still available.

Hope these questions help you prepare better for your certification exam.


Anonymous said...

I think Flash cards are based on old version having 5 multiple choices. Is it still worth trying?

Raja said...

Thanks for pointing out that the Flash cards are based on 3rd edition of PMBOK Guide.

I have removed the corresponding link from this post. All the links for sample questions on this page now point to questions based on latest (4th) edition of PMBOK Guide.

Best Regards,

Nikola Rendulic said...

This questions are also based od PMBOK 3rd edition:

Thanks for the other links.


elizabeth thomas said...

"Hi There,

Very Nice post on PMP question.That was very helpfull.keep posting"

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