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I am glad to see you here. You might have reached here as a result of performing a search on Google, or this blog may have been recommended to you by your friend or colleague. Howsoever you may have reached here, I welcome you.

In India, we have a saying: 'Atithi Devobhavah'. Translated into English, it means that my guests are equivalent to GOD for me. I am a humble soul waiting here to serve my guests.

I am sure that you must be looking for information on PMP certification. Maybe your organization has mandated that all managers need to get PMP certified within the next couple of months, or, you may be an early bird wanting to beat your colleagues in the race to get this certification. Possibly, you have landed on this page while searching for information on some other topic (search engines sometimes do behave in a weird manner) and got interested.

Anyways, I am assuming that you are sincerely interested in pursuing PMP certification. OK, so let us do one thing: Search for 'PMP Certification' on the web (use the search engine of your liking). How many results do you get? 1 lac, 10 lac or even more? During my last search on this topic, Google presented me with 9,09,000 results. Boy, was I bewildered! You bet I was. Out of these nearly 10 lac results, how do I know what to believe and what not to? How many of these sources of information are authentic, and how many of them should not be believed? How many of them have already updated their study material or sample questions in accordance with the 4th edition of PMBOK Guide, and how many are still pedalling ware based on the 3rd edition?

Can you see where I am going? When I started preparing for PMP certification, I faced a similar dilemma. I did not understand how to differentiate a reliable information source from a fake one. I did not know whom to believe and whom not to. I was totally confused. Fortunately, for me, I had some kind souls (friends and colleagues) help me out. They were kind enough to help me distinguish between reliable and useless information. With their help, I completed my PMP certification successfully on the first attempt in May 2007. I have been a lucky soul.

How about you? If you have friends or colleagues or seniors, who can guide you, you are placed advantageously. But if you find yourself sifting through the wealth of information available, and need some help (and guidance) in following the right path and preparing effectively for the exam, help is at hand. Irrespective of whether you need help with applying for PMI membership, scheduling PMP exam, facing PMI audit or preparing for the exam, I shall guide you and help you in being successful.

If you are not sure of your eligibility to apply for the exam, click here . If you are looking for recommended study material, click here . If you are on the look out for sample questions, you should visit this section. If you need help in facing PMI audit, you can find relevant information here . For further information, select the link for appropriate section from 'Site Navigator' on the right side.

However, if you have come here looking for personalized guidance to help you move through the entire process, I am willing to be your savior. But, as they say, there is no free lunch. I expect to be paid for the efforts I make for your success. Referring to Indian tradition once again, a shishya (student) should always provide the desired 'Guru Dakshina' (Teacher's fees) to his teacher. So, I believe that I am not doing anything wrong here. Please mail me for details of charges(Replace [at the rate] with corresponding symbol).

If you are satisfied, I request you to let your friends and colleagues know about the existence of this website. If you are not satisfied, please mail me and let me know the reason for your dis-satisfaction. I will try my best to help you.

I wish you the best in your pursuit of PMP Certification. GOD bless you!


Ishrath said...

All the best with your website. Hope it helps the aspirants achieve their PMP goals. Having a dedicated site for PMP is a great idea and hope this goes down in history as a reference site.

Raja said...

Thanks a lot for your good wishes, Ishrath!

Best Regards,

mahen said...

I am a software engineer by profession with 6 years in JAVA, having undstd that one day or the other in future I have to be a manager, I wanted to reach that stage a bit early, now I am not able to know whether I can get a career break after this PMP certification, could some one helpme

geetha said...
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Just me said...
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ashwinipatil said...
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Peter Ramos said...

Best of luck for your endeavours. However since the time you got your PMP certification, PMI has come out with two new versions of PMBOK. Do you need a re-certification? Are there any serious providers around who can help?

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