How do we get started?

So friends, how do we start preparing for the PMP exam? The answer is simple: you need to get motivated enough. Think of all the benefits that would accrue to you after you have been crowned a PMP. Think of the recognition you would get, as well as the respect that your peers will have for you. And, apart from all this, you might get a promotion or an extra salary increment (as compared to your colleagues). Think of all these benefits and make your sub-conscious mind strive to attain this credential. In fact, you should start visualizing yourelf as a PMP from the beginning. Think like a PMP, talk like one, and behave like one. All these acts will drive your sub-conscious mind towards this goal and ensure your success.

So, now you have your eyes all set on becoming a PMP? What next? Start preparing hard. Like I mentioned in my last post, treat the entire process as a project from the beginning. First, make sure that you satisfy all the conditions for appearing in the exam. You can find a description of the eligibility conditions at a whole lot of places on the Net. Just Google and you will find lots of relevant results. However, I would advise you to refer to the authoritative source for the correct and the latest information. Just log on to: and download the examination handbook. It contains all the information you need to evaluate your eligibility for appearing in the exam. Make sure that you fulfil all the eligibility criteria before filling in your examination form.

Oh, but wait! You should fill in your examination form after you have attained PMI membership. This makes sense not only considering the fact that you get access to added study materials but also financially. If you apply for the exam without becoming a PMI member first, you need to shell out USD 555. However, if you become a PMI member first (exluding any SIG or local chapter membership), you pay $129 for the membership, in addition to the USD 405 examination fees. The latter amounts to a total of USD 534 and thus, you still save a good USD 21. This might not be a very big amount for US residents, but is still a substantial amount for some candidates from the developing countries, especially from Asia and Africa.

Another fact to remember is that PMI accepts membersip fees only in USD. So, if you are appearing in the exam from a country other than the US, you need to pay the fees using a credit card. The bank, which issued you your card, will charge you the equivalent amount in your local currency, depending on the prevalent rate of exchange.

Also, make sure that you apply for your exam within one year of becoming a PMI member, otherwise your membership would lapse and you would again have to pay the whole amount of USD 555 for apearing in the exam.

This is it for now. Feel free to write to me for any help / query/information related to this certification.


Thirst for Knowledge said...

Hi Raja
Good that you have started this website. I am a PMP aspirant and I am seriously looking for Rita Mulcahy Fast Track CD copy.Would you be able to help me here?


Guru said...


Thanks for appreciating my efforts!

However, I would not be able to help you with your request. You can purchase the CD from, if you want to. Or, u might Google for it.

I believe that you should look at the sample questions available online free of cost first. I have posted a link to a mock 200 question PMP exam available online today. I shall keep on posting more such links regularly.

Hope this is of help to you!

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